Better, faster, stronger

The demand for better and faster WiFi is ever growing. Internet is everywhere, we need to be connected all the time. Wifi2go is the portable network for professionals. Ideal for your office far away from the office, conferences, live streaming and brand activations.

WiFi everywhere

With Wifi2go you can enjoy fast internet everywhere you want in the EU. The M2M sim always switches to the best 4G network and will never fail you.


Wifi2go is Plug&Play, meaning you can set it up in less than an hour. Our new Wifi2go weights less than 10kg which makes it easy to cary for your office far away from the office.

Remote control

We pre-program the network according to your needs. During the rental period we manage the system in the cloud and provide remote support.

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Set up in less than an hour. We program the network according to your wishes in advance in the cloud management system

Light and compact

The smallest system weighs less than 10kg and can easily be carried by one person. No need for special transportation

M2M 4G

The M2M sim has priority over the other users and automatically switches to the best network everywhere in the EU