TymNet, the network solution that connects all the dots.

We offer an all-in one solution where we connect all the dots of your network. We deploy the entire network from the installation of VDSL or fiber to the WiFi signal in every corner of your event. We provide solutions for festivals, sport competitions, corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs.

Production WiFi

A flexible and fast set-up for all your operational communications. All the on-going operations can work together on a highly secured network without ever interfering. Even in the most remote locations and in high density environments we provide a reliable (wireless) network either through fiber, 4G or by integrating both.

production wifi
production wifi

Emergency communication

When it's a matter of seconds you can rely on your TymNet-network. For safety communications and emergency signage where timing is crucial, TymNet delegates and responds according to priority.

Happy visitors

Fast scanning and fast service is no longer a nice-to-have but turned into a must-have. Connect your scanners and payment-systems on the TymNet-network and make the long waiting lines at the entrance and at the bar memories of the past.

cashless payments

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Scalable and Modular

Your personal TymNet is scalable up/down and entirely modular. Even during the event it grows according to your needs.

Fast set-up

A simplified network with less cables and less programming. Spend less time and less budget on installation.

Safe and Reliable

When the pressure rises. You and your guests always enjoy a safe and stable connection that won't let you down.